Boat Lifts
From Jet-Ski Davits, Sport Boat Lifts or Yacht Lifts, to commercial-grade industrial lifting devices, In-Depth Marine Construction will install the proper unit for your need. We will help you determine the best device for the area and situation and complete the installation, repair and service -- giving you a turnkey package. Boat lifts are indispensable for completing repair work and

extending the life of your precious craft. Call In-Depth Marine Construction today for quotes.


Pipe Installations
Pipe Installations in the marine environment require skill and precision.  We pride ourselves on the expertise that we deliver to each job.  Our crews are dedicated to installing pipe, in, under, and around water.  Specifications are strictly adhered to and completed as required.  For estimates on pipe removal, repair and installation projects of all proportions, come see the professionals.

Welding and Cutting
In-Depth Marine Construction offers underwater welding, cutting, and repair work.  Our team of competent divers can complete the tasks in conditions such as low visibility, strong currents and confined quarters.  Each member of our team is certified, trained and safe.  Our track record is impeccable.

Concrete Restoration
In-Depth Marine Construction can restore deteriorating concrete.  Over the past 28 years, we have performed many variations of concrete restoration and redesign.  Major renovation items completed include pier reconstruction, waterfront erosion repair, concrete matting, piling and pier replacement/repairs.  Our crews are experienced in forming, reinforcing and pouring concrete in many shapes under the challenging marine environment. Regardless of the circumstances, contact In-Depth Marine Construction for estimates and bids.


We repair and install all types of bulkheads, including commercial installations and waterfront home sites.  We have a complete line of products available to choose from depending on your specific needs and/or requirements.  Our team has the knowledge and machinery to complete your bulkhead with regard to the surrounding environment from a residential bulkhead located on a bay area or a removal and

installation of a bridge or fender system located in a swift current of the rivers and ocean inlets.  Your bulkhead will be a well-constructed, lasting barrier.

Piling Installation
In-Depth Marine Construction installs pilings for various projects, including docks and piers, bridges, foundations and platforms, etc. We have the equipment to complete installations in varied depths and bottom conditions. We use the finest materials and our installations meet all required specifications and standards.  Our finished product is a strong support that is uniform and durable.  We also provide forms

and decking, floating dockage and more!  Our divers and surface workers are available for all types of piling and pier repairs of existing structures, as well as, new construction and design.
I.D.M.C. has inspected and reported on bridge conditions and recommended types of repairs to the N. J. DOT, Penn. DOT, N. Y. DOT and many other organizations that are responsible for our bridges and roadways.  We also have inspected all marine elements of construction, even nuclear reactor pools.  We have saved our clients thousands of dollars by finding problems, identifying defects and non- defective areas, finding prevention measures and determining soundness of structure.  Before you undertake any major repair, make In-Depth Marine Construction your inspection team and be assured of your decisions.  Term and one-time inspection of underwater and marine structures are available.
Recovery and Salvage
In our 28 years of service, we have been employed to locate and recover all sorts of items -- cranes, bull dozers and other heavy equipment, as well as raising small boats to large vessels down to recovering small rings.
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